Originally Zott Monte combines fresh milk, delicious chocolate and a great portion of hazelnuts to a unique milk dessert. Monte consists of two different layers: brown chocolate-hazelnut-cream with milk-cream on top.

In some countries Zott Monte is also available as a drink or a chilled snack for on the go. Monte fans can also choose whether they would like to enjoy Monte Dessert in its original way or in a two chamber cup with crunchy cereals, as yummy semolina or as Monte Balance, a fat-reduced alternative.

In all products Zott Monte offers pure indulgence and has a lot of small and big fans in all parts of the world. 

The 1st April 1996 marks the birth of Monte - a completely new kind of dessert. For more than two years, we worked meticulously and kept on developing until we found the perfect recipe. Zott Monte was firstly introduced to the German market, but very soon conquered the refrigerators of many European countries.

When developing Zott Monte we not only worked meticulously on the recipe, but also mused about a special and concise name. Monte means "mountain" in Italian. With some imagination the white milk-cream on brown choco-hazelnut-cream reminds of a snowy mountain peak. 

Dependent on the country Zott Monte is sold at different retailers. If you haven’t found Monte in your local store, we recommend to visit the biggest store in your area. As shelves are naturally bigger in those stores, the chances they offer a broad variety of chilled desserts are much higher.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to send product samples. Our products require an unbroken cooling chain and therefore are only distributed to our retail partners by cooling-truck.

Monte fans mostly prefer the original Monte dessert. The unique milk-cream dessert with a lot of milk, yummy chocolate and a good portion of hazelnuts is simply a delicious way to treat yourself. 

Yes, the following Zott Monte-products have been certified to be manufactured according to halal-requirements:

  • Monte Original (6x55 g, 4x100g, 150g, 400g)
  • Monte White
  • Monte Drink
  • Monte Snack

These products do not include any components from porks or alcohol. The halal-evaluation has been conducted by an external institute. 

Everyone has another taste and taste differs from country to country. Therefore we evaluate carefully a countries requirements and offer the products which suit best the markets’ demands. 

We strongly recommend to chill Zott Monte as soon as possible after your purchase. In your fridge we recommend a temperate of maximum +8°C

All ingredients that we use for our products are declared on the packaging of the respective product. If you suffer from any allergies we recommend to check our packagings carefully. To make it more convenient for your, all allergens are printed in bold.